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Welcome ! ... Let Us Help You Reach the Jewish Community with refreshing unique and creative results

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About Us

For over 50 years, the World Wide Jewish News Service has served the Jewish community through well-known publications such as the Jewish Daily Forward, Jewish Herald and now the Jewish World. In each issue, our thousands of readers turn to the Jewish World for news and commentary that speaks directly to their values and lifestyles. Our readers are affluent and sophisticated. They are loyal consumers of our product. The Jewish World is an ideal pathway to reach an audience that recognizes quality and good service and has the means to respond to your message.

Our unique editorial emphasis is on well-written, in-depth articles presented in an attractive format that holds reader attention. On average, Jewish World readers devote 46 minutes to each issue. That means your message gets the exposure it deserves. Articles from the paper have been quoted in New York Times, Washington Post, New York Daily News, The Village Voice, Jerusalem Post and Newsday. The content also spans the spectrum of the Jewish community from the Orthodox to the modern, secular Jew. From our community calendars to local politics, international events and special interest stories we have everything!

Jewish World subscribers are active readers. They choose our newspaper because they want to read it, not because subscriptions are provided as automatic, passive benefits of membership in an organization or the result of a philanthropic contribution. The Jewish World is an independent publication, and you can be proud to support an independent, community newspaper.